Director of Design

Zach Westerman is a forward-thinking, creative dude based in the Chicago area. Dedicated to communicating great ideas, daily, through all things audio/visual.


Director of Visual Content

Las Vegas born and PNW raised, Britt Mohr, is a scatterbrained visual artist, ranging from film production to graphic design. She studied film production at Portland State University and found her creativity flowed into art direction and cinematography. Curiosity and eagerness lead to exploring other visual arts like graphic design and illustration. Her inspirations include anything from bold simplicity to loud expressive design.


Director of Written Content

Kailla Coomes has lived in Oregon for 14 years and considers herself an Oregonian. She has written for Portland Monthly and Portland Interview Magazine. Creative writing is her jam and would love nothing more than to to publish a book of poetry someday. Every person has a story and Kailla’s passion lies in making sure those stories are told.


Director of Film Production | Lead Graphic Designer No. 07 Two Faced

From Massachusetts to Oregon, Reid has experienced a range of environments that influence what he puts forward in his film, photography, and design. Although his artistic interests seemingly change every day, one thing has stayed constant — his ambition to learn.

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