Beacon Quarterly Press: Treefort Music Fest 2019

Back in March, I represented Beacon Quarterly at our first music festival as an Official Member of the Press. Treefort Music Fest is a five-day music festival in Boise, Idaho. Some of this year’s headliners included, Toro y Moi, Vince Staples, Built to Spill and Liz Phair. Nothing was more thrilling then picking up my Press Badge on the first day of the festival.


I was lucky enough to follow around the Portland based band, King Who throughout the fest. Veterans to Treefort, King Who showed me the ropes and took me along to their three shows, one being in a skatepark!


While following along King Who, I was got to see over 15 bands over the five days. A notable favorite included the five fiercely talented women that make up the band Bitch'n. The Portland based band killed it on their first night with a packed crowd at the Linen District.


My all time favorite show was Delicate Steve, who when you look up the definition of “shred” in the dictionary you are likely to see his face. I saw him grace the El Korah Shriners stage sporting a blue jumpsuit and a bright red guitar. The entire crowd was dancing to every song and nearly cried out when it was over.


I had an amazing time representing Beacon Quarterly at Treefort Music Fest. It was insane to see so many talented people in one place and it’s a festival that I would recommend to anyone.

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