As founder of Crib Design House and creator of Beacon, Chacha Sands is committed to creative collaborations and ambitious entrepreneurial endeavors.  She is passionate about creating space, celebrating talent, and exploring what is possible.



Director of Graphic Design

Zach Westerman is a forward-thinking, creative dude based in the Chicago area. Dedicated to communicating great ideas, daily, through all things audio/visual.



Director of Visual Content

Las Vegas born and PNW raised, Britt Mohr, is a scatterbrained visual artist, ranging from film production to graphic design. She studied film production at Portland State University and found her creativity flowed into art direction and cinematography. Curiosity and eagerness lead to exploring other visual arts like graphic design and illustration. Her inspirations include anything from bold simplicity to loud expressive design.


Director of Written Content

Kailla Coomes has lived in Oregon for 14 years and considers herself an Oregonian. She has written for Portland Monthly and Portland Interview Magazine. Creative writing is her jam and would love nothing more than to to publish a book of poetry someday. Every person has a story and Kailla’s passion lies in making sure those stories are told.


Director of Musical Content


Senior Designer

Ariel is a graphic designer, digital artist, and a founding member of a digital studio in southeast Portland. She is fascinated by language and obsessed with color, and uses her creative practice to explore these phenomena in depth. She likes to treat her creative process as a form of research, a methodology for asking questions. Her latest experimental obsession is plant sculptures and plant-based installation art. | Lead Graphic Designer, No. 05 Split Ends


Senior Designer

Nathan was raised in Napa, and educated at the University of Oregon, where he focused on Illustration and Branding. He constantly seeks to tell new stories through a range of mixed medias. He's currently adventuring in the forests of Portland, while keeping true to his roots by loving wine. | Lead Graphic Designer, No. 06 Cold Feet



Senior Designer

From Massachusetts to Oregon, Reid has experienced a range of environments that influence what he puts forward in his film, photography, and design. Although his artistic interests seemingly change every day, one thing has stayed constant — his ambition to learn. | Lead Graphic Designer, No. 07 Two Faced



Senior Designer

Stephanie Guy graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a BA in Sociology/Anthropology. She has been a lifelong, primarily analog, artist working in pen and ink. Ted Esparza - Marketing extrodinaire, amateur photographer and lover of food and cooking. Ted has a passion for all forms of creative expression. | Lead Graphic Designer, No. 08 Nail Biter


Intern | Public Relations + Marketing

Marketing extraordinaire, amateur photographer, and lover of food and cooking - Ted has a passion for all forms of creative expression.


Intern | Public Relations + Marketing

Victoria was raised on the East Coast and educated at St. Bonaventure University where she graduated with a BA in History and Art History. She believes that there is more to the story and that more than one perspective should be used to tell a story. This thought process has made its way into her writing as well as her drawings and paintings. Currently, she’s enjoying her adventure in Portland while binge eating through the diverse food scene.


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