Danielle Barker at The 1905

I met singer Danielle Barker at the Fruit Cocktail showcase, where I learned she was performing at The 1905 on Friday, July 16th. The night was a celebration of famous drummer Tyrone Hendrix’s 43rd birthday. Hendrix, who’s performed with acts like Stevie Wonder and Prince, held the event as a showcase for other talented Portland-based musicians, such as Danielle.

The dimly lit club was small but comfortable. The room was filled to capacity with fans and friends of Hendrix, yet the vibe was very intimate. After a beautiful performance, I chatted with Danielle and learned bit about her journey as a singer.

Danielle transferred to PSU from Florida as a hopeful nursing student. Having sung in private for all of her life, she decided to “try out” for the music program at PSU. It was a total shot in the dark but she got in.

Now a recent graduate with a degree in Jazz, Danielle is a two-year been performing at various open mics and jams, hustling to perform as early as she could so she could be ready for classes the next day. Danielle also told me that she was able to link with Baxter and other notable musicians through showcases and jams like Free Tuesdays at the GoodFoot. 

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