Beacon Quarterly's Tan Lines Festival

At Beacon Quarterly’s Tan Lines Festival, I ran a photo booth in the VIP lounge and spent the day taking portraits of artists and performers from the Festival. Here are some of my favorite shots:

The day started at 8 AM and our setup took us just under three hours. I have to admit that I was really nervous for the day because this was my first time being in charge of an entire photoshoot that required more than a camera and diffuser. Luckily, I had some awesome assistants there to help me throughout the day. Getting to meet such talented yet humble artists made the day a lot less stressful. I think the Festival was a complete success and the 13 hours went by way too quickly!

Here was my setup:

  • 8-foot backdrop stand

  • Tan fabric that we draped over the stand and used as the backdrop

  • 3 tripods

  • Several custom LED lighting bars

  • A stool for the artists

  • Canon 5D Mark I

  • Canon T3i.

    Here’s how it all looked:

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